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Get lost in the natural beauty of Knysna, a coastal gem in South Africa. Explore luscious forests, crystal-clear waters and indulge in an array of delectable seafood cuisine. Discover all the hotspots and hidden gems with our comprehensive travel guide.
Quick Facts
Location Knysna is a town located in the Western Cape province of South Africa.
Nature Knysna is situated on the coast of a lagoon that is fed by five freshwater rivers and surrounded by a pristine indigenous forest.
Outdoor Activities There are various outdoor activities to enjoy in Knysna including hiking, fishing, cycling, and water sports such as kayaking.
Wildlife Knysna is home to a diversity of wildlife including elephants, leopards, monkeys, and a large variety of bird species.
Beaches Knysna has several picturesque beaches, the most popular of which is the scenic and secluded Brenton-on-Sea.
Climate Knysna has a Mediterranean climate, with mild to hot summers and cool winters.
Festivals The town hosts a number of annual festivals, including the Knysna Oyster Festival, which takes place every June.
Tourist Attractions Knysna has a range of tourist attractions, including the iconic Knysna Heads, an impressive geological and natural landmark.
Shopping There are several shopping and dining options in Knysna, including the lively Knysna Waterfront.
Accessibility Knysna is easily accessible by car from the nearby city of George, which has an airport with regular domestic flights.

Discover Knysna

Are you ready to explore the beauty of nature and pursue exciting activities at the same time? Then Knysna is the place for you! Our exclusive selection of activities will provide you with an unforgettable experience in this charming coastal town. Go on a safari and explore the magnificent wildlife of South Africa; or, for the more adventurous, get up close and personal with great white sharks. Perhaps you'd prefer to take a quiet cruise to Knysna Heads or enjoy wine tasting at a winery. For active vacationers, there is a wide range of outdoor activities such as hiking, ziplining and kayaking. Looking to relax? Pamper yourself at a spa, take a dip in natural hot springs or take a walk on one of the picturesque beaches. The vibrant culture and rich history of Knysna await you. Come discover the magic of this hidden paradise and create memories that will last a lifetime.

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