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North America

Discover the vast wilderness, scenic beauty, and diverse cultures of North America. From the stunning Canadian Rockies to buzzing New York City, this travel guide will take you on a journey of adventure, history, and natural wonders. Get ready to explore!
Quick Facts
Geography North America is the third largest continent and covers an area of approximately 24,709,000 square kilometers.
Language English and Spanish are widely spoken throughout North America, but French is also an official language in some countries like Canada and Haiti.
Money The currencies of North America are the US dollar, Canadian dollar, and Mexican peso.
Weather North America has a diverse climate with regions ranging from arctic to tropical.
Culture The indigenous cultures of North America include the Inuit, First Nations, and Native Americans.
Food North America is famous for its fast food chains, but also boasts a diverse culinary scene with regional specialties such as Tex-Mex, poutine, and barbecue.
Transportation Travel within North America is easily accessible by car, train, bus, and plane.
Natural Wonders North America has many natural wonders such as the Grand Canyon, Niagara Falls, and Yellowstone National Park.
Sports North America is home to popular sports such as American football, baseball, basketball, hockey, and soccer.
Attractions Popular tourist attractions in North America include Disney World, Las Vegas, Hollywood, and Times Square.
North America

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