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United Arab Emirates

Discover the land of opulence and extravagance with our ultimate travel guide to the United Arab Emirates. Explore the futuristic cities, indulge in world-class shopping and dining, and experience the desert like never before. Get ready for a sensory overload like no other.
Quick Facts
Location & Capital The UAE is a country located in the Middle East, and its capital is Abu Dhabi.
Currency The currency of the UAE is the Emirati Dirham (AED/د.إ).
Language Arabic is the official language of the UAE, but English is widely spoken.
Religion Islam is the official religion of the UAE.
Climate The UAE has a desert climate, with hot summers and mild winters.
Culture The UAE has a rich culture and is known for its hospitality.
Visa Tourist visas are available upon arrival for many nationalities, but check the requirements before traveling.
Transportation The UAE has a modern transportation system, including metros, buses, taxis, and rental cars.
Attractions The UAE is home to many world-famous attractions, such as Burj Khalifa, Palm Jumeirah, and Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque.
Food The UAE offers a variety of delicious local cuisine, including Arabic, Pakistani, Indian, and Filipino dishes.
United Arab Emirates

Discover United Arab Emirates

Are you ready to explore all that the United Arab Emirates (UAE) has to offer? From the vibrant metropolis of Dubai to the natural beauty on the border with Oman, our list of things to do in the UAE has something for everyone. Experience the luxury of the Burj Khalifa, the tallest building in the world, or take a stroll through the tranquil desert landscape of Liwa Oasis. Those looking to indulge in some retail therapy can explore the designer boutiques of the Galleria shopping mall in Abu Dhabi or haggle for gold at the famous Gold Souk in Dubai. Adventure seekers can take a dune hike or ride a camel, while culture vultures can visit the magnificent Great Mosque of Sheik Zayed or immerse themselves in Sharjah's vibrant art scene. With our guide, you can discover the best of the UAE and create memories that will last a lifetime.

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