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Experience the mystique of the East and the vibrancy of the West as you journey through the exotic landscapes of Turkey. Discover the rich tapestry of history, culture and gastronomy that this remarkable destination has to offer.
Quick Facts
Location Turkey is a transcontinental country located in both Europe and Asia.
Capital City The capital city of Turkey is Ankara.
Language The official language of Turkey is Turkish.
Currency The currency used in Turkey is the Turkish Lira.
Religion The majority religion in Turkey is Islam.
Population The population of Turkey is approximately 84 million people.
Climate Turkey has a Mediterranean climate, with hot and dry summers and mild winters.
Famous Landmarks Famous landmarks in Turkey include the Hagia Sophia, Blue Mosque, and Pamukkale.
Cuisine Turkish cuisine includes dishes such as kebabs, baklava, and Turkish delight.
Visa Travelers from certain countries may require a visa to enter Turkey.

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Are you ready for a trip to Turkey that will take you on an incredible adventure from the coast to the mountains, from bazaars to ancient ruins? Then our carefully curated collection of activities in Turkey is just what you need. Whether you're looking for cultural immersion or exciting outdoor adventures, this guide has something for every traveler looking for awe-inspiring sights and unforgettable moments. Experience the breathtaking beauty of the Pamukkale hot springs, explore the legendary city of Troy, and stroll through the winding bazaars of Istanbul. Take a hot air balloon ride over Cappadocia, go rafting through Köprülü Gorge, and hike through the stunning scenery of Mount Ararat. Also, enjoy delicious cuisine and learn about fascinating traditions. This guide will not only give you a new appreciation for Turkey's beauty and culture, but will also make you want to plan your return trip to discover even more. So get ready to discover Turkey's treasures with this ultimate collection of activities.

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