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Unveil the avant-garde allure of Rotterdam in our comprehensive guide. Marvel at its futuristic architecture, dynamic cultural scene, and vibrant food markets. Explore canal-lined streets and innovative museums. Rotterdam, a blend of traditional charm and modern living awaits.
Quick Facts
Location Rotterdam is located in South Holland, the Netherlands, on the western coast.
Population Rotterdam is the second-largest city in the Netherlands, with a population of around 650,000.
Multicultural City Rotterdam is known for its cultural diversity, with over 170 different nationalities represented.
Port of Rotterdam It is home to the largest seaport in Europe, which played a crucial part in city's growth.
Modern Architecture The city is famous for its modern architecture, as it was heavily bombed during World War II and had to be rebuilt.
Cubic Houses Don't miss the iconic cubic houses designed by architect Piet Blom.
Market Hall One of the most popular attractions is the Market Hall, a residential and office building with a market hall underneath.
Museums Rotterdam is home to several museums, including the Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen, the Netherlands Photo Museum, and the Maritime Museum.
Euromast The Euromast is a must-visit. This observation tower provides a panoramic view of the city.
Food and Drink The city offers a wealth of dining options, representing its multicultural population. Must-try dishes include bitterballen (deep fried meat balls) and Stroopwafel (a sweet treat).
Public Transport Rotterdam is well-connected by public transport including buses, trams, and metro. It also has extensive bike lanes for cyclists.

Discover Rotterdam

Immerse yourself in the vibrant heart of the Netherlands with our exclusive collection of activities in Rotterdam! This modern metropolis is much more than Europe's largest port city; it's an epicenter of culture, architecture, and culinary delights. Be impressed by the innovative Cube Houses or climb the iconic Euromast. Discover cutting-edge art and design at the Kunsthal or find happiness in the sublime tranquility of the Trompenburg Arboretum gardens. Indulge your palate in the city's world-renowned gastronomic scene, from the iconic Markthal to the cozy canalside cafes. Want to treat yourself to a little retail therapy? Then stroll the trendy shopping streets of this fashion-conscious city. With our curated collection, you can experience how Rotterdam seamlessly blends its gritty industrial past with a dynamic and avant-garde present. Whether you're an intrepid explorer or a leisurely wanderer, we're sure you'll find something in Rotterdam to inspire your Dutch adventure.

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