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Bay of Plenty

Explore the stunning Bay of Plenty, where golden sandy beaches meet lush forests and vibrant culture. From thrilling water activities to tranquil nature trails, discover the hidden gems of this serene coastal paradise.
Quick Facts
Location Bay of Plenty is located on the eastern coast of the North Island, New Zealand.
Population The region has a population of around 320,000 people.
Climate Bay of Plenty has a mild, temperate climate with warm summers and mild winters.
Beaches The region is known for its beautiful beaches, including Mount Maunganui Beach and Papamoa Beach.
Fruit industry Bay of Plenty is the largest producer of kiwifruit and avocado in New Zealand.
Maori culture Maori culture is an important part of Bay of Plenty's history, and visitors can learn about it at Te Puia and Ohinemutu.
Geothermal activity Bay of Plenty has a high level of geothermal activity, with geysers and hot springs in areas such as Rotorua.
Outdoor activities The region is popular for outdoor activities, including hiking, mountain biking, and water sports.
Local cuisine Visitors can enjoy local cuisine such as seafood, kiwifruit, and Manuka honey.
Accessibility Bay of Plenty is easily accessible by car, with State Highway 2 running through the region, and by air with Tauranga and Rotorua having airports.
Bay of Plenty

Discover Bay of Plenty

Get ready for some fun in the sun as we present our selection of activities in the Bay of Plenty - a stunning region on New Zealand's North Island. With its pristine beaches, lush forests and exciting marine life, the Bay of Plenty offers a wealth of activities with something for everyone. Grab your surfboard and catch a wave at Mount Maunganui's world-famous Surf Beach or take a dip in the warm waters of the Pacific Ocean. Take a relaxing hike through the enchanted Redwoods Forest or jump out of a plane and experience the thrill of skydiving with breathtaking views of the region. Want to catch a glimpse of the iconic marine mammals? Take a custom boat tour to see dolphins and whales cavorting in the bay. This guide offers a variety of exciting options for families, couples and solo travelers alike. With its unique blend of natural beauty and adrenaline-pumping activities, the Bay of Plenty is the ultimate destination for adventure junkies and nature lovers. Join us as we uncover the best activities in this stunning region!

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