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Discover the sunny side of life in Portugal, where charming coastal towns, lively cities, and pristine beaches await. From savoring delicious seafood to exploring historic castles and vineyards, find your perfect itinerary in our ultimate guide to Portugal.
Quick Facts
Location Portugal is located in southwestern Europe.
Language The main language is Portuguese, but many people also speak English, French, and Spanish.
Currency The currency in Portugal is the Euro (€).
Capital The capital is Lisbon.
Population The population of Portugal is around 10 million people.
Climate Portugal has a Mediterranean climate with mild winters and warm summers.
Food Portuguese cuisine is known for seafood, including grilled sardines and cod.
Landmarks Famous landmarks include the Belém Tower, the Jerónimos Monastery, and the Pena Palace.
Wine Portugal is known for its wine, including port and green wine.
Beaches Portugal has beautiful beaches along the Algarve coast, including Praia da Rocha and Lagos.

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Get ready to experience Portugal like never before with our exclusive collection of activities in this beautiful country. From breathtaking beaches to historical sites, we've got you covered. Travel back in time at the ancient Belém Tower in Lisbon or soak up the sun on the golden sandy beach of the Algarve. Enjoy some of the region's best wines or explore the stunning Douro Valley. Stroll through the colorful alleys of Porto or simply relax with a cup of coffee and enjoy the breathtaking views of the city. Discover the unique beauty of Sintra's historic monuments or unravel the mystery of the ancient Roman temple in Évora. Whatever your interest, Portugal has something for everyone. So join us on this adventure where we will take you on a journey of discovery and exploration and experience all that Portugal has to offer.

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