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Explore the cultural hub of South India - Chennai, a city that blends tradition and modernity in its beautiful architecture, vibrant cuisine, and stunning beaches. Get lost in the vibrant streets, indulge in delicious food, and experience the warmth of the locals in this fascinating city.
Quick Facts
Location Chennai is located on the east coast of India in the state of Tamil Nadu.
Language The official language of Chennai is Tamil, but English is also widely spoken.
Weather Chennai has a tropical wet and dry climate, with hot and humid summers and moderate winters.
Transportation Chennai has a good transportation system, including buses, trains, and taxis. The Chennai Metro is also a convenient option.
Food Chennai is known for its delicious South Indian cuisine, including dosas, idlis, and sambar.
Culture Chennai has a rich cultural heritage, with classical dance and music being an important part of the city's identity.
Landmarks The most famous landmark in Chennai is the Kapaleeswarar Temple, which is over 300 years old.
Beaches Chennai has several beautiful beaches, including Marina Beach, which is one of the longest urban beaches in the world.
Shopping Chennai is a great place to shop for traditional Indian handicrafts, silk sarees, and jewelry.
Festivals Chennai celebrates many festivals throughout the year, including Pongal, the harvest festival, and Diwali, the festival of lights.

Discover Chennai

Discover the vibrant and colorful city of Chennai with our hand-picked selection of things to do. Take a journey through thousands of years of history and visit the famous Shore Temple, the ancient Kapaleeswarar Temple and the majestic Fort St. George. Indulge your taste buds with the flavors of South India by exploring the bustling local markets and enjoying the delicious spicy cuisine. Immerse yourself in the city's rich cultural heritage by attending classical dance performances, music concerts and art exhibitions. Those seeking tranquility can take a stroll along the serene Marina Beach or the lush greenery of the Theosophical Society. Adventure seekers can enjoy surfing, windsurfing and other water sports at Covelong Beach. Our must-do experiences in Chennai cater to travelers of all interests and ages. Immerse yourself in this vibrant metropolis that offers a perfect blend of tradition and modernity.

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