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Palmerston North

Explore Palmerston North, New Zealand's vibrant, culture-rich heartland. Our guide navigates you through its verdant parks, cosmopolitan eateries, and cutting-edge arts scene. Experience Kiwi life infused with a relaxed, student-town vibe.
Quick Facts
Location Palmerston North is located in the Manawatu region in the North Island of New Zealand.
Education Hub The city is known as a major education hub, being home to world-renowned Massey University.
Population As of 2021, Palmerston North has a population of around 88,300 people.
Climate Palmerston North has a temperate oceanic climate with mild summers and winters.
Economy The city's economy is based on education, research, and manufacturing industries.
Cultural Hub There are numerous cultural institutions in the city including galleries, theatres, and museums.
Outdoor Activities Palmerston North offers various outdoor activities such as river walkways, gardens, and parks.
Public Transportation The city offers efficient public transportation options including bus services.
Airport Palmerston North has its own airport providing both domestic and international flights.
Historical Significance The city, found in 1866, is rich in Maori and European history.
Palmerston North

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