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Port Fairy

Uncover the seaside charm of Port Fairy! Bask in nostalgic heritage, encounter exotic wildlife, and stroll along pristine beaches. Our travel guide takes you on an enchanting journey into Australia's hidden coastal gem. Welcome to Port Fairy, the ultimate retreat!
Quick Facts
Historic Town Port Fairy is a historic coastal town located in Victoria, Australia.
Population The town has a small population of around 3,000 people.
Moyneyana Festival Port Fairy is famous for its annual 'Moyneyana Festival' held every summer.
Wildlife The seal colony on Griffiths Island is a major tourist attraction in Port Fairy.
Heritage Buildings Port Fairy has over 50 buildings classified by the National Trust.
Maritime History The town has a rich maritime history with numerous shipwreck sites.
Fishing Town Traditionally, Port Fairy was a whaling and sealing station, and it has remained a busy fishing port.
Port Fairy Folk Festival It hosts the famous Port Fairy Folk Festival, an annual music festival attracting visitors from around the world.
Scenic Beauty Known for its scenic beauty, the town offers beautiful beaches, riverfront, and a historic lighthouse.
Walks & Trails Port Fairy has a diverse range of walking and cycling trails including the Historic Walk, Shipwreck Heritage Walk, and Tower Hill Wildlife Reserve.
Port Fairy

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