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Puerto Vallarta

Discover the hidden gems of Puerto Vallarta, from its vibrant beach scene to its rich cultural heritage. Get ready for a colorful journey that will take you from the cobblestone streets of the Old Town to the glittering waters of Banderas Bay.
Quick Facts
Location Puerto Vallarta is located on the Pacific Coast of Mexico, in the state of Jalisco.
Language The primary language spoken in Puerto Vallarta is Spanish, although English is widely spoken in tourist areas.
Currency The official currency of Puerto Vallarta is the Mexican peso.
Weather Puerto Vallarta has a tropical climate, with average temperatures ranging from 70-90°F (21-32°C) throughout the year.
Beaches Puerto Vallarta has several beautiful beaches, including Playa los Muertos, Playa Mismaloya, and Playa Conchas Chinas.
Nightlife Puerto Vallarta has a vibrant nightlife scene, with many bars, nightclubs, and restaurants staying open late.
Activities There are plenty of outdoor activities to enjoy in Puerto Vallarta, including snorkeling, zip-lining, and ATV tours.
Food Puerto Vallarta is known for its delicious seafood, as well as traditional Mexican dishes like tacos and tamales.
Culture Puerto Vallarta is a cultural hub, with many festivals and events throughout the year, including the annual Gourmet Festival and the Day of the Dead celebration.
Accessibility Puerto Vallarta is easily accessible by air, with direct flights from many major US and Canadian cities.
Puerto Vallarta

Discover Puerto Vallarta

Experience the beauty of Mexico's Pacific Coast with our select choice of activities in Puerto Vallarta. Immerse yourself in the city's vibrant arts and culture, enjoy delicious local cuisine, explore breathtaking nature and relax in luxury. Take a sunset sailing excursion with magnificent views of the coastline or snorkel in the pristine waters. Sample traditional Mexican dishes in the charming old town or explore Puerta Vallarta's vibrant nightlife. Take a stroll along the Malecón boardwalk, experience the thrill of ziplining through the lush jungle, or simply relax at a beachfront spa. Visit historic sites like the famous Our Lady of Guadalupe Church or learn about Mexican art and culture at Galería Colectika and the Cuale Island Cultural Center. With our guide to Puerto Vallarta, you will discover a world of unforgettable experiences that will leave you refreshed, invigorated and in love with this paradise on the Pacific Ocean.

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