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Unveil the enigmatic beauty of Rwanda, the land of a thousand hills. Immerse in its breathtaking landscapes, track stunning gorillas, and savor its rich cultural heritage. Get ready for an unforgettable journey into the heart of wild Africa in this comprehensive Rwanda travel guide.
Quick Facts
Geographical Overview Rwanda is a landlocked country located in East Africa that is also known as 'the Land of a Thousand Hills' due to its mountainous terrain.
Capital City The capital city of Rwanda is Kigali, famous for its cleanliness and safety.
Native Language The official languages of Rwanda are Kinyarwanda, French, and English.
Population Rwanda is one of the most densely populated countries in Africa with a population of approximately 12.6 million.
Currency The currency used in Rwanda is the Rwandan franc.
Climate Rwanda has a temperate subtropical highland climate, with lower temperatures than are typical for equatorial countries due to its high elevation.
Wildlife Rwanda is one of only three countries in the world where you can see mountain gorillas in the wild.
Genocide Memorial The Kigali Genocide Memorial is one of the country's most important historical sites, commemorating the 1994 genocide against the Tutsi.
Tourist Safety Rwanda is generally considered a safe destination for tourists, but it's always advised to follow local laws and customs.
Visa Requirements With the exception of a few countries, most visitors to Rwanda will need a visa which can be applied for online before arrival.

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Discover the beauty of Rwanda with our captivating selection of activities tailored for adventurers and culture lovers. Embark on an unforgettable journey on the trail of the majestic mountain gorillas in Volcanoes National Park or immerse yourself in history at the Kigali Genocide Memorial. Admire the tranquility of Lake Kivu and experience the vibrant life of the locals at Kimironko Market. Do you love coffee? Explore Rwanda's coffee trails and take a coffee-making tour - just the thing for a barista. Visit the dancing cows of Rwanda, experience intense cultural tourism in the village of Iby'iwacu, or bike along the lush trails of the Congo Nile. Rwanda is rich in history, breathtaking landscapes and warm-hearted people - an African gem waiting to be discovered. Pack your bags, we will uncover the secrets of Rwanda! Let yourself be fascinated, enchanted and captivated by the cleanest and greenest city in Africa. Discover the true spirit of Rwanda. You will never see Africa the same way again!

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