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Dive into the pulsating heart of Ghana with an unforgettable journey through Accra. Discover vibrant markets, exotic cuisine, historical treasures, and stunning landscapes. It's not just a trip, it's an explosion of culture and adventure waiting to be explored. Get ready to immerse yourself!
Quick Facts
Capital City Accra is the capital city of Ghana.
Population Size Accra has an estimated population of around 2.3 million people.
Language The official language in Accra is English, with several local languages such as Twi, Ga, Ewe also spoken.
Currency The currency in Accra is the Ghanaian Cedi.
Climate Accra experiences a tropical savanna climate, with an annual average temperature of 28 degrees Celsius.
Archeological Attraction The city is home to the National Museum, featuring exhibits that range from prehistoric archeology to contemporary art.
Historical Landmarks Accra showcases historical landmarks such as the Osu Castle and James Fort.
Local Cuisine Accra features a variety of local cuisine including fufu, jollof rice, and banku.
Music and Dance It is a hotbed of West African music, and it's known for its vibrant nightlife scene and popular dance tradition, such as highlife and hiplife.
Shopping The Makola Market is a famous shopping venue where various goods including textiles, handcrafted items and fresh produce are sold.

Discover Accra

Satisfy your wanderlust and immerse yourself in the vibrant heart of West Africa with our carefully compiled list of things to do in Accra, the colorful capital of Ghana. This guide will appeal to adventurers and recreation seekers alike, showcasing the city's cosmopolitan hub of exciting activities and enticing African traditions. Marvel at the magnificent colonial architecture, shop in the kaleidoscopic markets, and dine on delicious West African cuisine. Experience living history in the museums, ancestral traces at local landmarks, or get swept away by the rhythms of Kpanlogo under the stars. Join us for a walk along the breathtaking Labadi Beach and capture the joy and resilience of the city reflected in the ocean waves. Explore the winding streets of Jamestown, where the heart of local culture pulsates. Accra offers a stimulating mix of eclectic experiences with something for everyone. Immerse yourself in this vibrant city and discover Accra, your gateway to an authentic African adventure.

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