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Greater Accra

Unleash the vibrant spirit of Africa with our comprehensive guide to Greater Accra. Discover hidden gems, bustling markets, serene beaches, and rich cultural heritage within Ghana's lively heartbeat. Let the journey of a lifetime begin!
Quick Facts
Location Greater Accra is located on the southern coast of Ghana, by the Gulf of Guinea.
Capital City Accra is the capital of both the Greater Accra Region and the Republic of Ghana.
Population As of the latest census, Greater Accra is home to about 4 million people.
Language The official language is English but Ga and Twi are also widely spoken.
Transportation Public transportation in the region is mostly provided by buses (trotros), taxis, and Uber.
Cuisine Greater Accra is known for its delicious traditional dishes such as Banku, Kenkey and Shito.
Tourism The region houses various attractions including the Labadi Beach, Osu Castle, Jamestown Lighthouse, Independence Arch and others.
Climate Greater Accra features a tropical savanna climate with consistent temperatures throughout the year.
Economy The region has a diverse economy with activities ranging from trade and manufacturing to IT services.
Cultural Heritage Greater Accra is rich in culture, demonstrated through various traditional festivals such as the Homowo Festival of the Ga people.
Greater Accra

Discover Greater Accra

Immerse yourself in the vibrant mix of cultures, festivals and heritage in Greater Accra, Ghana's fascinating capital region. Our curated collection of must-do experiences takes you to the heart of this dynamic city. Savor the eclectic mix of local and international cuisine, browse among the eager market vendors at the bustling Makola Market, and marvel at the echoing Adinkra symbols that adorn the city walls. Walk in the footsteps of slavery at the imposing Ussher Fort and James Fort, and enjoy the harmonious symphony of worship at the sacred Korle Lagoon and National Mosque. Savor your senses at vibrant Labadi Beach and take in the rhythmic culture with lively Afropop beats and traditional dance performances. With our detailed guide, exploring Greater Accra has never been easier. Get involved, explore and experience the city - this is Greater Accra, where history meets modernity, spirit meets spectacle, and every visitor leaves indelible memories.

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