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Discover the colourful charm of Halifax! Immerse yourself in its rich maritime history, encounter its vibrant art scene, and explore the beauty of this coastal city. Our travel guide will take you through its iconic landmarks, hidden gems, and gourmet delights. Experience Halifax like never before!
Quick Facts
Location Halifax is located in the eastern coastal region of Canada, specifically in the province of Nova Scotia.
Population The population of Halifax is approximately 440,000, making it the largest city in Nova Scotia and the 13th largest in Canada.
Historical Significance Halifax is known for its rich history and was founded in 1749 as a British military outpost.
Maritime History Halifax has a deep maritime history and is home to the Maritime Museum of the Atlantic.
Known for Natural Beauty Halifax is known for its natural beauty, with parks like Point Pleasant and the iconic Peggy's Cove Lighthouse.
Titanic Connection Halifax has a connection to the tragic Titanic sinking, as it was the closest major port to the disaster. Many victims were brought to Halifax and buried there.
Access to seafood Being a coastal city, Halifax boasts fresh seafood, specifically known for its lobster. The Waterfront Warehouse restaurant is a popular spot for this.
Public Gardens Halifax boasts the Victorian era Public Gardens, which covers 16 acres and offers a variety of flowers, trees and other plants.
Citadel Hill The city is home to the Fort George Citadel, a star-shaped fort which provides panoramic views of the city and harbor below.
Art Scene Halifax has a vibrant art scene and is home to Nova Scotia College of Art and Design University and Art Gallery of Nova Scotia.

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