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Immerse yourself in the Bavarian charm of Munich - a city that seamlessly blends modernity with tradition. Explore historic landmarks, indulge in the world-famous beer culture, and savor the flavors of local cuisine. Get ready for an unforgettable travel experience in Munich!
Quick Facts
Location Munich is the third largest city in Germany and is located in the southern part of the country.
Language The official language of Munich is German.
Weather Munich has a continental climate with cold winters and mild summers.
Currency The currency used in Munich (and all of Germany) is the Euro (EUR).
Transportation The most popular means of transportation in Munich are the U-Bahn (subway) and S-Bahn (light rail) systems.
Culture Munich is known for its rich cultural heritage, especially for its famous Oktoberfest beer festival.
Attractions Some of the major tourist attractions in Munich include Marienplatz, Neuschwanstein Castle, and the Englischer Garten.
Food Munich is known for its traditional Bavarian cuisine, including sausages, pretzels, and beer.
Safety Munich is considered a safe city, but travelers should always exercise caution, especially in crowded areas.
Timezone Munich is in Central European Time (CET), which is 1 hour ahead of Coordinated Universal Time (UTC+1).

Must Do's in Munich

Discover Munich

Are you looking for an unforgettable trip to Munich? Then look no further! Our collection of activities in Munich has everything you need. Whether you love art, history, culture or beer, Munich has something for everyone. Join us on a journey through medieval castles, world-famous museums, iconic landmarks, and fabulous breweries. Stroll through the picturesque alleys of Munich's Old Town and enter the magnificent Frauenkirche. Discover the fairytale castles of Neuschwanstein and Linderhof, and relive the glory of Bavarian kings and queens. Marvel at the masterpieces of the Alte Pinakothek and Neue Pinakothek, and immerse yourself in Munich's vibrant art scene. And of course, no trip to Munich would be complete without a visit to the legendary Hofbräuhaus, where you can sample some of the best beer in the world. So pack your bags and get ready for an unforgettable adventure in Munich!

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