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Unveil the ethereal allure of Venice, where gondolas glide through labyrinthine canals, unveiling centuries-old secrets. Amidst historic bridges, enchanting piazzas, and mesmerizing art, this floating haven awaits. Discover the heart of La Serenissima with our captivating travel guide.
Quick Facts
City of Canals Venice is made up of 118 small islands connected by over 400 bridges and separated by about 150 canals.
Historic Center The historic center of Venice is divided into six areas, or 'sestieri', each with its own distinct character and attractions.
Gondolas The iconic Venetian gondolas have been the primary mode of transportation within the city for centuries, and are still used today, mainly for tourists.
St. Mark's Square Piazza San Marco, or St. Mark's Square, is the city's most famous landmark, featuring St. Mark's Basilica, the Doge's Palace, and the Campanile.
Carnival of Venice Venice is famous for its annual Carnival, a traditional celebration involving masquerade balls, colorful costumes, and elaborate masks.
Venetian Glass Venice is well-known for its glassmaking, especially on the island of Murano, which has been producing beautiful glassware for over 700 years.
Historic Art Venice is a hub of Renaissance art and architecture, with masterpieces by artists such as Titian, Veronese, and Tintoretto found throughout the city.
No Cars Allowed Motor vehicles are not allowed in Venice, so visitors must travel by foot, boat, or gondola while in the city.
High Tide Flooding Venice experiences periodic flooding due to high tides, called 'acqua alta', where streets and buildings can be temporarily submerged in water.
Bridge of Sighs The famous Bridge of Sighs connects the Doge's Palace to the old prisons, and it is said that prisoners would sigh as they caught their last glimpse of the city through its windows.

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Discover the enchanting allure of Venice, a captivating city built on water, in our exclusive collection of must-do experiences. Get swept up in the magic of this exquisite destination as you discover the city's secret wonders and explore its rich history. Explore Venice's most famous attractions - from the architectural splendor of St. Mark's Basilica to the awe-inspiring beauty of the Doge's Palace - while enjoying a luxurious gondola ride through the city's romantic canals. Immerse yourself in the vibrant local culture by sampling delicious cicchetti, visiting bustling markets and admiring the exceptional craftsmanship of Venetian artisans. Escape the tourist trails and discover hidden gems in the narrow, winding streets and centuries-old squares. Experience the remarkable fusion of tradition and modernity as you stroll across the stunning Rialto Bridge. Stoke your wanderlust with our selection of activities in Venice and let yourself be enchanted by the beguiling charm of the Serenissima.

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