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Immerse yourself in Patna, a historical gem off the beaten tourist track. Our guide unveils India’s ancient marvels, breathtaking Ganges River views, cultural feasts, and hidden delights of this captivating city. Adventure beyond the ordinary in Patna with us!
Quick Facts
Historic Importance Patna, formerly known as Pataliputra, is one of the oldest continuously inhabited places in the world.
Cultural Landmarks Patna is home to many cultural landmarks including the Patna Museum, Golghar, and Padri Ki Haveli.
Renowned University Patna University is one of the first universities established in India, enriching the city's educational landscape.
Ganges River Patna is located on the southern bank of the River Ganges, one of the world's major rivers.
Gastronomy Patna is famous for its traditional Bihari cuisine, such as Litti Chokha and Sattu Paratha.
Art and Literature Patna has a strong arts scene, having been the birthplace of many famous poets and writers.
Historic Ruins The ruins of Pataliputra, the ancient capital of powerful kingdoms, can be visited in Patna.
Wildlife conservation Patna Zoo, also known as Sanjay Gandhi Botanical Garden, is a significant wildlife hub, promoting biodiversity and conservation.
Religious Importance Patna is a sacred city for Sikhs as it is the birthplace of Guru Gobind Singh, the tenth Sikh Guru.
Festivals The city hosts a variety of festivals like Patna Film Festival, Sonepur Cattle Fair and Chhath Puja, showcasing the rich culture of the region.

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