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Explore enchanting Wexford! Unearth Ireland’s ancient history, wander through luscious gardens, bask in stunning beaches and indulge in a lively cultural scene. Let our comprehensive guide lead you through Wexford’s best hidden gems and celebrated attractions. Adventure awaits in Wexford!
Quick Facts
Geographical Position Wexford is a charming town located on the southeast coast of Ireland.
Historical Significance Wexford is renowned for its medieval lanes and the Viking and Norman heritage, visible in traces throughout the town.
Wexford Festival Opera Wexford is famous for hosting an international opera festival that attracts visitors from all over the globe every October.
Famous Landmarks Significant landmarks include the Twin Churches, Selskar Abbey, Wexford's Opera House, and Westgate Tower.
River Slaney The town is situated on the right bank of the River Slaney.
Local Cuisine Wexford is famous for its excellent seafood, local cheeses, and strawberries.
Wildlife Sanctuary The North Slob, a large mudflat along Wexford Harbour, is a major wildlife sanctuary.
Historic Sites Famed historic sites include the Irish National Heritage Park, Johnstown Castle, and Loftus Hall.
Public Transportation Wexford is serviced by a train station, bus station, and is within driving distance from Rosslare Europort and Waterford Airport.
Scenic views The coastal county is renowned for its beautiful sandy beaches, including Curracloe Beach, famous from the movie 'Saving Private Ryan'.

Discover Wexford

Discover the charming coastal towns, ancient castles and vibrant cultural scene of Ireland's hidden gem, Wexford. In our customized collection, you'll find a range of exciting activities and experiences that capture the heart and soul of this coastal county. From sunbathing on breathtaking beaches to exploring history at unforgettable historic sites to enjoying countless local specialties and touring the famous opera house, Wexford has so much to offer. Each activity is a fascinating story that invites you on a unique adventure. Whether you're a history or nature lover, a culinary explorer, or a cultural enthusiast looking to immerse yourself in local art and music, our expertly crafted guide offers activities tailored just for you. Discover Wexford's unspoiled landscapes, rich history, and magnificent ocean views. Let our collection take you beyond the guidebook and into the heart of Wexford.

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