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Discover the hidden gem of South Africa's Mpumalanga province, Witbank, in our latest guide. Embrace the enticing blend of natural beauty, rich history, and hospitality as you traverse through city landscapes, wild reserves, and cultural hubs.
Quick Facts
Location Witbank is located in the province of Mpumalanga, South Eastern corner of South Africa.
Population Witbank has a population of approximately 108,673 people.
Language Zulu and English are predominantly spoken in Witbank.
Climate Witbank experiences a subtropical highland climate, with mild winters and warm summers.
Economy Witbank's economy is heavily reliant on coal mining, with numerous coal mines in and around the city.
Golf Course Witbank Golf Club is one of the oldest and evidently one of the favourite clubs in Mpumalanga with a history steeped in tradition and exceptional sporting.
Wildlife Witbank is home to the Witbank Nature Reserve, a beautiful, tranquil sanctuary with bird species and some game.
Recreation Witbank Dam is a popular recreation spot, known for its fishing, boating, and watersports activities.
Transportation Witbank is easily accessible via the N4 from Pretoria and Johannesburg.
Local Cuisine The local cuisine is a mix of traditional South African dishes and international cuisine due to its diverse population.

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