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Discover the breathtaking beauty of Geneva! Sip exquisite Swiss wine by the serene Lake Geneva, engage with rich culture in its historic districts, and marvel at the famed Jet d'Eau. Follow our guide to unravel the best-kept secrets of this European haven.
Quick Facts
Location Geneva is located in the southern tip of Switzerland, surrounded by the Alps and Jura mountains and situated on Lake Geneva.
Population It is relatively small in size, with a population of around half a million.
Language Although it is in a French-speaking part of Switzerland, thanks to its diversity, English is commonly spoken in Geneva.
Headquarters Geneva is a global hub for diplomacy and banking, hosting the headquarters of many major international organizations, including the Red Cross and World Health Organization.
Public Transport Geneva has a highly efficient public transportation system, including trams, buses, and boats, which can be used for free by tourists staying in a hotel, youth hostel, or campsite in the Canton of Geneva.
Safety Geneva is considered one of the safest cities in the world, making it ideal for solo travelers.
Lake Geneva Lake Geneva, the largest lake in central Europe, is one of the city's main attractions.
Cuisine Known for its high-quality cuisine, Geneva boasts numerous gourmet restaurants and cafes.
Cultural Diversity Culturally rich and diverse, over 180 nationalities reside in Geneva, shaping its multicultural environment.
Currency While Switzerland is not part of the European Union, many places in Geneva accept both Swiss Francs (CHF) and Euros.

Discover Geneva

Unleash your wanderlust and dive into "Geneva Uncovered", our hand-picked collection of must-see places and activities in this Swiss gem. Whether you're a history buff, a culture lover, a foodie or an adventurer, Geneva will enchant you with its myriad offerings. From the breathtaking Jet d'Eau fountain to the charming cobblestone streets of the Old Town, from the cosmopolitan United Nations office to the picturesque Carouge district, your trip will be a delightful blend of ancient and modern. Discover dazzling jewels at the Patek Philippe Museum, treat yourself to a fondue, or be seduced by the natural beauty of Lake Geneva. This is not just any travel guide. It is your path to the cultural heart of Geneva and promises incomparable experiences. Get ready to stroll, enjoy and visit the enchanting landscapes, gastronomic delights and historical treasures of Geneva - one day at a time!

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